A Seaglider Story


Hapa, Chien de mer, Seadog, Seaglider...well all this is a long story to succeed the ultimate flight !

Here is a link on the work done by the AYRS :


Nowdays :

Didier Costes the inventor of the «chien de mer»  did his first tries in 1992 with a two seated airship with pilots Gerard Feldzer and Nicolas Hulot.

1998 French Engineer Luc Armant created the Water Glider ( Download his study, this is a great work ).

In 2003, I started working with Didier Costes on the chien de mer . 4 years of work needed to succeeded a very pleasant flight with my One Seat Airship on the 6 june 2007 ( Aerosail ) . Thanks to Nicolas Desprez, Romain Josset and Pierre-Eddy Pinsole who help me to work on the chien de mer.

In 2003, I was working and developping on my side on the one cable system to make it goes both way’s.

At the Almanarre beach, the 30 sept 2007, we did the first tries with a Kitesurf, The Rider was Martin . The Story of the Seaglider was born.

13 August 2011, Rider Sylvain Claudel called me to talk about his new sail, a parakite Flysurfer, the Speed 3. The sail looked perfect and more stable than a kite sail. He succeeded the first completed flight  on both side of the wind with my seaglider.

2011 With my friend Minh-lôc Truong, we modified the design of the seaglider  to make it fly with usual kite sails and we create a specific model easy to adjust, assemble and fly.

12 September 2011, Bruno Gagne did a successfull test flight .

Eloi Rondeau on the 4 october 2011 did the first longest flight with a Rapace sail Kite..

Aout 2012, Swiss rider, Pascal Guyot joined the Team, did lot’s of tries, his feedbacks were  good help to improve the seaglider.

October 2012 , Italian rider,  Gianluca Celi joined the Team.

15 november 2012, Owlone Seaglider is going round the world with Hawaiian Kite Riders, Aaron Culliney and Paul Franco 

1 decembre 2012 I succeed the Seaglider light version for beginners.( no float and Shaft bar )

Owlone Seaglider...only for the best !

Stephane Rousson


More about the story and Stephane Rousson :



Seaglider the long story